Why Talking Cobblers

Write a blog, they all said. Finally the cobbler soles his own shoes. Here it is.

For those not used to English slang and vernacular, talking cobblers means talking nonsense. Of course, this blog aims not to!

In the two years that I’ve been publishing these posts, the scope of my commentary has broadened. Influence relations, social media, the shorter news cycle, the fall-out of the media scandals in the UK in particular, have all shaped my comments here and of course the broader conversation.

I think it’s fair to say that public relations, the process of defining and managing the relationships an organization has with the public, however this is defined, has never been more important. With that goes the responsibility of never giving the cynics the opportunity to pour scorn over what we do and what we achieve. It’s up to us to protect the standards that are the prerequisite for being allowed by society to do what we do.

A note about the header artwork

This was done by a friend of mine, Jo Smith, who runs her own graphic design business here in Sydney. You can contact her at jowork@bigpond.net.au.

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