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Plays for the Prime Ministry: Deflect vs. Recast

As we enter the final two weeks of Australia’s Federal Election, not surprisingly the influence strategies of the two main parties and their leaders become centred on lower-risk conditioning. What’s fascinating is the analysis of the two main Plays and … Continue reading

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Park politics for a moment: succinct communications thinking

John McTernan, former PM Julia Gillard’s communications director, has a piece in today’s Sydney Morning Herald. Park your personal political persuasion for a moment and read it, at http://www.smh.com.au/comment/three-weeks-to-go-can-labor-still-win-20130819-2s78w.html. Photo: http://images.smh.com.au/2012/05/30/3335700/art-353-john-mcternan-200×0.jpg It’s a wonderfully succinct piece of strategic communications thinking. I’m often … Continue reading

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Plays in Australian Politics: form a queue

And so, with the final week of Parliament before the pre-budget recess, the Labor side of politics is in, to quote a number of media outlets, “feverish”. Those promoting Simon Crean as a possible leadership candidate are running a Trial … Continue reading

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The need for more control after all?

Today’s news in Australia about an activist who issued a spurious media release that resulted in millions of dollars being wiped off the market value of Australian mining company Whitehaven Coal (see Australian Financial Review, Sydney Morning Herald) begs the … Continue reading

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Oh dear: effective communications also requires careful listening

It’s the corporate communicator’s biggest nightmare: the premature circulation of corporate results. (There are probably only two types of communications professional working with publicly listed companies: those who have had this experience, and those who will. I have. It’s not … Continue reading

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Markets, stakeholders hate a communications vacuum

The story of the moment appears to be centred on Facebook’s CFO David Ebersman and Facebook’s failed IPO and the subsequent plummeting of its share price. Whether or not markets or analysts can ever predict what might happen to share … Continue reading

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