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Data: Decide, Act, Test, Amend

Successful digital and social marketing programmes are built on interconnected modules, all needed to deliver the best possible results for customers, at the best possible returns on investment in resources and budgets for the organization running the programmes. The thread … Continue reading

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The Opera House Equation for success

I’ve been watching the newly-restored 1968 film Autopsy on a Dream about the building of the Sydney Opera House, the forced resignation of architect Jorn Utzon, and the building’s subsequent completion. What’s extraordinary is how we seem to have failed to … Continue reading

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The new leveller

The social web brings into focus three factors: responsibility, freedom of speech, and a thick skin. Because there’s nowhere to hide any more, we all have to take responsibility for what we say, in ways that we never had to … Continue reading

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A future PR renaissance?

As with just about every other field of human activity, the Internet, through its potential to connect everyone on a scale not previously seen, is going to change the way that public relations is done. As the channels available to … Continue reading

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