Client work

Analysing the social web: mapping the Australian social universe

My primary work is now as part of the DIGIVIZER team.

Now over three years old, DIGIVIZER is an Australian start-up company, the only Australian company using its own custom-built technology to find, match, retrieve, classify and analyse customer sentiments and comments on the social web, and then to match these back to customer databases.

Many clients and prospects have been surprised that the technology is DIGIVIZER’s own, developed in Australia.

What’s different about what DIGIVIZER provides is the connection between what people say on the social web, the motivations behind these comments, the mapping and segmenting of who these individuals are, scaled up to the many tens of thousands and then linked back to existing customer or prospects databases.

DIGIVIZER is set to break the accepted standards on how engagements and interactions with audiences are measured. In the public relations sector, for example, measurement remains predicated on what we at DIGIVIZER now call dumb volume: measuring quantity, messages, balance, sentiment to a degree, and similar.

DIGIVIZER cuts away the complexity surrounding all of this, makes the connections, brings sharpness, clarity and focus to these data, and provides a single view of the social web down to the individual. The result is the true meaning behind what is being said and how that message travels around the social web.

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Building profile, supporting business development

Creating and nurturing a market position, through media and other channels, is essential to organizations and both external and internal audiences.

I create strategies that can be taken to markets and to internal audiences, and programmes which translate those strategies into meaningful communications that inspire, inform, and equip individuals to make comparisons and take decisions.

Client work includes:

  • Qubit-log      Australian systems integration specialist Qubit Consulting is building a credible reputation as an SI firm actually able to deliver result to spec., on budget and on time: rebuilt the contents of the Qubit Consulting web site, ran the companies Google AdWords campaigns, created and placed media stories, advised on social media
  • logo     ORTEC Australia-New Zealand, the ANZ subsidiary of a global logistics systems company generating new business for an increasing number of Australian and New Zealand logistics operations with some of the companies operating in both countries: created cut-through media coverage in both specialist and national business media, crafted thought-leadership articles and marketing material, advise on social media
  • Top Employers               The CRF Institute’s Top Employers brand, built over 20 years of providing objective audits of HR processes and programmes for organizations around the world: provided communications strategy advice to in-country manager and global comms director based in South Africa
  • Woolworths Limited       Australia’s largest employer: developed strategy and programme for two large internal change programmes, both affecting all Woolworths brands in Australia and New Zealand


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