Forget everything you’ve ever learned about recruitment: new dimensions needed

I’ve been party to, and read, a number of conversations in recent days about recruitment, culture, skills and equipping the workforce of tomorrow with the skills of tomorrow. (My CEO at Digivizer Emma Lo Russo touches on this – and more – in her latest article here).

Anyone who frames conversations about skills, experience and “the future” in narrow terms defined by age, longevity, breadth of market expertise (narrow or broad) or academic qualifications need to reframe their conversations anew. Aptitude and attitude, an ability and preparedness to learn, and evidence of risk taking, are as important. At Digivizer we now apply these dimensions to our recruitment ahead of solely considering qualifications. Evidence of success, evidence of being able to interpret the needs of customers and clients, and evidence of being apply to create and deliver value, count for more (and see how we define these attributes in Emma’s article).

And let’s simply discard the a-g-e word right now. Those with experience under our belts need to let go of our allegiance to the good old days and focus instead on guiding those yet to acquire similar experience, acting as mentors and trainers as well as experts. Those early in our careers need to let go of any assumption that those who weren’t born in the last 20 years don’t understand change, technology or how to channel both.

(For the record, I fall into the first of these two categories, I’m working really hard not to talk about the past, I work with a great team who challenge me every day, and yes, I have been party to some of the greatest technology changes, announcing many of them!)

The conversations also need to move away from reference to workplace structures and set-ups that, perhaps, have had their day: don’t discuss (or consider) joining organizations described in easy-to-understand terms. Consider those more-difficult to pin down, that seemingly have multiple revenue streams, that create business opportunities designed to delight customers, that deliver on this brand promise, creating value and generating revenue.

Organizations with cultures that embrace skills, change, support, expertise and smarts will do more than survive: they will win. But – please change the story.

About alansmithoz

Head of Strategic Business Communications at Australian social analytics technology company Digivizer, with a background in corporate public relations and marketing. I do what I do because I believe communications can make a difference.
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