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The Opera House Equation for success

I’ve been watching the newly-restored 1968 film Autopsy on a Dream about the building of the Sydney Opera House, the forced resignation of architect Jorn Utzon, and the building’s subsequent completion. What’s extraordinary is how we seem to have failed to … Continue reading

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The Big Deflect: the Coalition’s start in government

In the taxonomy of the Playmaker System’s Standard Table of Influence, there’s only one play in town right now from the new Australian Coalition Government, and it’s the Deflect. While the US sees the Republicans and their recalcitrant Tea Party … Continue reading

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Facts and emotion, the two elements of communications leadership

Facts are easy. Two plus two always equals four. They are right or wrong, known or not, understood or misunderstood. Give me a fact and I can tick a box, make a decision. So why don’t I? Because of emotion. … Continue reading

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Not communicating as a communications strategy

OK, of course there are plenty of scenarios in which you don’t want to talk. But there are cleverer ways to manage the process than simply not talking. Not talking always leads to trouble, particularly today when social media simply … Continue reading

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