Plays in Australian politics: Labor calls leadership ballot

”For the information of the House I have determined that there will be a ballot for the leadership and deputy leadership of the Labor party at 4.30pm (Melbourne/Sydney time). In the meantime, take your best shot.” (

And with those words, Prime Minister called a leadership ballot, which will take place in about 45 minutes’ time.

In Playcalling terms, this is a Crazy Ivan: she has no option now but either to embrace all her foes and seek to prevail, or to crash in the process. It really is all or nothing.


(Photo credits l-r: Gillard – Australian Broadcasting Corp. Crean – The Australian/News Limited. Rudd – The Daily Telegraph/News Limited. All rights acknowledged.)

Simon Crean, who preceded her announcement in the House of Representatives with a call for a ballot and nominating himself for consideration as Deputy Prime Minister and proposing that former PM Kevin Rudd be returned by the ballot, moved away from his earlier Deflect and Trial Balloon Plays (see my blog post from yesterday) to a Challenge, to Gillard, to the Labor caucus and to Rudd himself: time to call a stop to the infighting and the electoral chaos.

What’s not clear still is whether his comments yesterday and previously, were indeed either were a Trial Balloon or a Ping (as I suggested yesterday, the sounding out and testing of the Labor party parliamentary membership)  or whether he in turn was part of a surrogate Proxy for Rudd.

More later today!

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