Plays in Australian Politics: show us the money

The latest blog by my associate Alan Kelly (, founder and CEO of Playmaker Systems, neatly analyses the recent Plays relating to the latest US financial crisis, which surrounds US federal budget cuts.

(It’s somewhat sobering to watch and analyse such Plays from afar when the consequences will no doubt touch these shores.)

The analysis shows how all sides of politics in all elected democracies do their Playcalling thing. Closer to home, recent days have seen Julia Gillard run a Trial Balloon on funding for new dams to be constructed to offset insurance premiums for flooding. At the same time she’s been running Surrogate Plays, Partner and Proxy in particular, with the insurance sector fulfilling these surrogate roles (what option did they have?).

And all of this is a Red Herring away from the more subtle Lantern being run about the forthcoming Australian federal budget The Prime Minister has made it clear enough that funding elsewhere will be cut to support the Gonski Report education reforms with subsidiary Plays that are an unusual combination of a Fiat and a Peacock.

Stepping back to analyse these Plays collectively starts to present a picture that is complex and interconnected. It will be interesting to see if it prevails, or if the whole edifice collapses under the weight of becoming too confused to understand.

(The Playmaker System and its Standard Table of Influence are a breakthrough decision system for communicatorssocial media expertsmarketerssales people, and politicos.)

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