Authenticity in public relations is the fact of authenticity, not the appearance of authenticity.

Admitting guilt in front of cameras is not an “effective public relations tactic to minimize damage to reputation”. It’s an admission that the original event or decision or choice was wrong.

The higher up the pedestal you climb (or are placed) the more difficult this becomes. That’s the point.

About alansmithoz

Head of Strategic Business Communications at Australian social analytics technology company Digivizer, with a background in corporate public relations and marketing. I do what I do because I believe communications can make a difference.
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2 Responses to Authenticity

  1. Emma Lo Russo says:

    I like this one!

    • alansmithoz says:

      Thank you. There have been a few examples of recent weeks of mea culpa that feel a tad too contrived to be authentic in fact. Always difficult to judge when and how to go public with contrition, but again that’s the point.

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