Steve Jobs

It’s a mark of the man that (and I’ve yet to actually press the publish button) I can’t seem to get on to the obvious web sites to follow the news. Twitter, for one, seems well-and-truly overloaded, and many news sites seem to be unavailable.

So here goes. Simply to say that I still recall test-driving the first Mac back in the UK in 1984, and sitting there in wonder. We’d seen nothing like it. Most things in IT looked like it from that point on, and most worth using do so to this day.

Simply to say that, while not an Apple user, Apple’s products do actually set the benchmark, and then re-set them again.

Simply to say that he understood so much more about how the future will work than just having cool products to hand, especially with the ecosystems that now connect users together.

And then there’s Pixar: we forget that this is probably the only studio that people look for in the sense of saying “the latest Pixar movie is out, let’s go”. People don’t say that of MGM, or Universal, or Sony pictures, or even Dreamworks. (They do it for Apple’s products too, of course.)

Many, many others will say so much more, and do so with more knowledge, insight and eloquence. But I thought it appropriate to mark the moment. Let’s see if I can publish.

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One Response to Steve Jobs

  1. Mark Hubble says:

    Apple don’t make products – they create experiences.
    So much of what this man and his talented team of designers (industrial, software and engineering) have created is “a way to be” and “a way forward”, where the key to technology is not so much about the device itself but how it enables us and as is so often the case with Apple products – how it makes us feel.

    As an industrial designer, I like nothing more than the opportunity to immerse myself in an Apple Store, touch the products, share the enthusiasm, and on occasions buy that next Apple product, not because I have a particular need for it but because I want it, I really want it. Hype – possibly, evangelism – certainly, stunning product design – unquestionably.

    Growing up I remember moments in time when people have died – Mel Blanc, Harry Chapin, Frank Oz, and now I will add Steve Jobs. This probably says a lot about my particular spin on life but from now on – all my iDevices will serve as a monument to a man who made my life and the life of millions of others more connected, more accessible and more enjoyable.

    Steve Jobs – may you rest in peace.

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