Engaging is the precursor to moving a business relationship forward, to delivering on an objective, to making a difference.

In a hierarchy, engagement (I value our relationship and I really want to work with you, what shall we do together?) sits atop conversations (I’m intereted in what you have to say to me, and I have something I’d like to share with you, too) , which in turn sit atop awareness (I’ve heard of you, and I might be interested in what you have to offer, what was that again?).

The more we engage, the better the result, whether we’re in PR, HR, sales or marketing.

I just wonder why we don’t do more of it.

About alansmithoz

Head of Strategic Business Communications at Australian social analytics technology company Digivizer, with a background in corporate public relations and marketing. I do what I do because I believe communications can make a difference.
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