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Experience essential for context and contacts

Public relations thrives on its unique characteristic of being in the thick of more things in business, or any other activity, than many (most?) other disciplines.

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Winston calls it, as ever, like it is

I love this. If it’s familiar to you already, it’s worth re-reading. If it’s new (as it was to me) read on. I’ve just completed Mary Lovell’s book on the extended Churchill family (The Churchills, published by Norton). She recounts … Continue reading

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Social media: forces of good or evil?

The images of the anarchy in London over recent days are chilling. So too, at first glance, is the fact that the looters and rioters outflanked the Metropolitan Police using social network channels and smart phones.

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Communication and confidence: time for more of both

As I type these words, we wait with baited breath for the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) to open. Will we have the courage of our convictions and have confidence in the overall strength of our economy here, and the businesses … Continue reading

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Engaging is the precursor to moving a business relationship forward, to delivering on an objective, to making a difference.

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