Good government communication is not spin, it’s good government

Communications is about creating value and helping people find it.

In Australia, we have the scenario of a Government with the value (policies) but which is seemingly incapable of communicating it effectively, and an Opposition with the communications skills but seemingly few policies (the value) behind the rhetoric.

Putting policies aside for the moment, this leads to some interesting future scenarios. In particular, we might see the Opposition win the next election on the back of great comms and a well-understood antithetical position. The election might be won and lost without policy.

This might sound like it would be a great win for the power of communications. But of course, it wouldn’t. Without the value, the comms are empty. And without effective comms, the best policy becomes a well-kept secret or a missed opportunity.

Communications mean the difference between a well-administered country and one that becomes sidelined, between being elected and defeat at the polls, between good government and bad.

About alansmithoz

Head of Strategic Business Communications at Australian social analytics technology company Digivizer, with a background in corporate public relations and marketing. I do what I do because I believe communications can make a difference.
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